CNC Router - Precise and Swift

GC Products, Inc. now offering in-house CNC Router mold making. Featuring a work area that ranges, you have the ability to get a job of any size done. It also features one of our fastest cutting speeds at 2,200 IPM, so we can get your job done as efficiently as possible.

GC Products, Inc. now offering in-house CNC machine mold making

Uniquely Large Z-Axis

The GC Products CNC Machine can handle large molds with a Z-Axis at a uniquely large 24 inches.

Design Assistance

We don’t just cut your molds, GC Products, Inc. is here to assist you in the design (CAD or 3D modeling).

We Can Cut It

Woodworking, sign making, plastic-cutting  and composites – we can cut them all.

Clean Modern Mold Making

Brushless digital AC servo drives, automatic tool calibration and auto load/unload capabilities. This is as good as it gets.

Loaded With Power

The CNC router comes with a lot of horsepower to get your cutting done – up to 20 horsepower.

GC Products, Inc. CNC Router

If the CNC router sounds like exactly what you need, contact us for a quote.

MultiCam’s CNC Router

Multicam 7000 Series CNC Router Cutting Wooden Beams

The Highest cut speeds and throughput mandatory for increasing production.

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